Teamster Wagons Teamster Lorry


Lafarge Tarmac


D B Schenker


2000 - On going


Circa 250,000 tonnes per annum

Project Detail


D B Schenker provide rail services to Lafarge Tarmac who have a concrete product range that includes over 500 different formulations, ranging from self-levelling and early strength mixes, to underwater and heat resistant products, Lafarge Tarmac is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of concrete solutions.

The Teamster  is a unique piece of equipment designed for unloading hopper wagons at a high output rate of 1200t p/hr. 

This 6-wheeled, road-going vehicle travels to offloading sites as required to meet up with loaded hopper wagons. 

The offloading conveyor, which is attached to the lorry, is placed below the hopper wagon doors using its own independent power system. 

Material is then offloaded directly to the selected bay. 

This equipment is ideal for sites with restricted space as it does not require investment in civil engineering normally associated with hopper wagons.

The Teamster is used to for unloading of materials to supply various concrete production facilities. 

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