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Aggregate Industries


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2014 - Ongoing


Circa 400,000 - 500,000 tonnes per annum

Aggregate Industries manufacture and supply British and European standardised asphalt at this new state of the art asphalt production plant, including a range of asphalt mixes suitable for all road surfacing specifications or other applications.The specialised and standard asphalt products at Heathrow include:

  • Base courses
  • Binder courses
  • Permeable asphalt mixes (porous material)
  • Surfacing courses including hot rolled asphalt
  • Pre-coated chippings
  • Sustainable asphalt

RFS undertake the unloading of box wagons of aggregate for the asphalt production process from trains to stockpiles and undertake materials handling of all on site aggregate to feed the asphalt and concrete plants within the site on a 24/7 operational basis, we utilise our largest capacity materials handler on this project.

RFS are utilising 2No Volvo L180 wheel loaders to handle all aggregate on site on a 24/7 basis, operational duties include, stockpiling, loading out of haulage vehicles, feeding the asphalt and concrete manufacturing plants on site.

RFS have to adhere to strict project KPIs as the asphalt and concrete plants are reliant on the up time of the RFS equipment employed within this project.


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